User Guide

If you stumbled upon a technical issue in using our website, worry not! We documented several problem-solving steps to follow that will help you ease the stress of solving common website errors users experience:


Step-by-Step Guide

REGISTRATION: No Email Verification Received

If you registered an account, but there is still no verification received. Make sure that you encoded the accurate email address. Give it at least 5 minutes of waiting time. If still not working, you can use an alternative email address for new account registration.

COURSE PROGRESS: Completed All the Modules and Passed All the Quizzes But Course Results is Failed

This error usually happens when the modules are not taken or completed in chronological order, which makes your score below the passing grade. Please email us at to assist you.


The only way to edit your name on the Course Certificate once the portal generated it is by updating your First Name and Last Name according to your preference and RETAKING the entire course. You can skip the part of the videos, and just focus on clicking the complete buttons and passing the quizzes.

If these steps do not work. Feel free to inform us of your concerns about accessing our website. You can send concerns at