User Guide


Step-by-Step Guide

Navigating Modules

The Curriculum is the outline of the entire course’s modules and assessments. Always complete the modules in chronological order.

Video Lectures, Course Materials, and Completing Lessons

Always click the complete button at the bottom of the module’s page to move forward to the next module. But remember to always complete the modules and quizzes in the correct chronological order to avoid errors.

Taking, Reviewing, and Redoing Quizzes

If you are ready you can take the quizzes at any time. There is no time limit in finishing the assessment. If you did not pass in the quiz, you can ‘review’ the questions on where you are wrong, and ‘redo’ the entire quiz to get a passing grade.

Accessing Quizzes Taken or In Progress

You can have access to your progress in the quizzes.

Participating or Starting a Course Forum and Discussion

This feature enables you to initiate and view discussions from any of the course takers or the instructor from different topics of interest you need information on.

Finishing, Passing, or Retaking a Course

If you finished and passed the course, you will have access to your certificate. But if you failed, you can always retake the entire course for 5 times ‘Retake +5’ in order to get a passing score and access your Course Certificate