Fighting Fake News: How to be Information Literate?

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Information Literacy
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107 thoughts on “Activity 2 – Commitment to Fight ‘Fake News’

  1. This course has shown me on how to be a critical thinker in information literacy and to know how to distinguish the difference of fact and hoax news.

  2. Taking this course made me realize that most of the sources or shared posts my friends are sharing are fake. I used to believe in those shared posts but now, I know which on is not fake and which one is real. I am glad to have taken this course and have more knowledge about fake news that are being spread all over the internet which can harm many other people.

  3. What i have learned in this course is how we can identify fake news and how to prevent it from spreading to other vunerable people. I am gonna do my part as a student to be more active on the internet and share the truthful news to people who are not aware of orchestrated fake news that people make.

  4. Honestly before taking this course, I don’t really have an idea on how to differentiate fake news from a legit one but now I’ve taken this course, I learned how to know whether is it a fake or legit news since there’s always fake news everywhere and mostly the headlines is what make the news interesting. I am really thankful for this course! God bless!

  5. Fake news or fake information it is really dangerous to our society because people get trick easily. As a student I am really thankful to take this online course I really learn a lot of things. Now I can determine if it is a fake information.

  6. Hi Im Erika.
    Im very very grateful to this Online course, before i proceed to my thoughts in this Ol course, i just want to thank Mr. Francisco Magpantay Jr and La Concepcion College to established this Ol Course.
    As a matter of fact im so blessed that i learned to became a Information Literate, so i promise that i willingly share my knowledge to the person who didn’t know how to fight fake news!

  7. As a student who is eager to learn some information online may be misleading or false because of that some students who thinks that this false information is true they share it with spreading this information to people by learning this online lectures I can help people distinguish what it true and what isn’t while teaching them to distinguish fake mews for themselves by doing this I may start a chain reactions of people teaching other people to be cautious on what they should believe true and what isn’t.

  8. Fake news or false information has been spreading around the world these days, so I am very thankful that I am now informed about information literacy after taking this online course. To avoid or prevent false information from spreading, I can now help and inform some people who are uneducated or less knowledgeable about fake news.

  9. Before entering this course, I knew nothing about being an information literate and only though of things that are true based on what other people said. In this age where technology is greatly improving by each day, the risk of being caught in a fake news is high. This course helped me to be information literate and look for the truth not only based on what people said. I am glad that I could be a part of this course and have a chance to widen my knowledge about fake news and how to prevent it.

  10. Before entering this course, I knew nothing about being an information literate and only thought of things that are true based on what other people said. In this age where technology is greatly improving by each day, the risk of being caught in a fake news is high. This course helped me to be information literate and look for the truth not only based on what people said. I am glad that I could be a part of this course and have a chance to widen my knowledge about fake news and how to prevent it.

  11. As a student I need to know the truth and where can I find it. Before I take this online course I don’t have the sufficient skills or the knowledge to identify the truth from the ones that aren’t. When I learn something new I sometimes share them with my classmates even I didn’t know if that is the fact. Now that I take this online course and that I am information literate I will be more critical in evaluating the truthfulness of the information and avoid sharing false information or ‘fake news’.

  12. Today, false information is spreading all over the world and we should know how to distinguish those, because they are harmful. From this online course, I’ve learned how to identify one and how to be information literate.

  13. Before enrolling in this course, I have to admit that what I know can’t really suffice the skill and proficiency to distinguish various false information that is still widely spreading in our modern world. This course has taught me a lot in terms of being information literate, I had become the person who now thinks critically and had a deeper outlook on the things I see and read around me, especially from the internet that contains almost all of the fallacious information we could ever witness. Now, I won’t put my learnings from this course easily away from me, it will just be a total waste if I did so if there would be an instance I would encounter a wrong act of spreading false information, I know what to do and what is the right thing to do.

  14. Before enrolling in this course, I have to admit that what I know can’t really suffice the skill and proficiency to distinguish various false information that is still widely spreading in our modern world. This course has taught me a lot in terms of being information literate, I had become the person who now thinks critically and had a deeper outlook on the things I see and read around me, especially from the internet that contains almost all of the fallacious information we could ever witness. Now, I won’t put my learnings from this course easily away from me, it will just be a total waste if I did so if there would be an instance I would encounter a wrong act of spreading false information, I know what to do and what is the right thing to do.

  15. Now a days false information is every where. This course teaches me how to site articles to avoid plagiarism and it is also a big help to have a knowledge about referencing, This information about referencing will help me in our research and other. This course is very useful for all us because due on this course we can a void spreading false information to other people.

  16. I gained so much information about fake news and how to identify one. The lessons were so helpful and I think I can bring it with me until I grow up. This is also a way for me to educate other people about fake news and how to prevent it from happening.

  17. as a neutral person by myself learning this course is deemed important as fake news disrupts the neutral way of life that i usually follow. learning this lessons gained importance in my terms of knowledge in fighting fake news and learning the diff types of it. I also learned citation on different style so i can use this in helping me on my practical research subject. As behalf of the student of Philippine Chen Kuang High School i thank you for teaching me this topic.

  18. False information is everywhere especially nowadays that most people rely on the internet more than the news flased on the televisions nor radios. By taking this lesson or course, I’ve learned that eventhough we are still students, we can determine false information and help other to stop spreading it amd shatring ehat we’ve learned here for them to also become a media and informatio literate.

  19. Taking this online course is one of a great opportunity that everyone should take because all the lessons that have tackled are useful & helpful and we can really apply those in our daily lives especially that nowadays, fake news are spreading all over the world so in order for us to be aware, understanding the concepts of fake news is necessary.

  20. From this online course, I remove how and why we can and should be data proficient, and with my new information, I will have the option to more readily dissect and help other people who have more space to develop regarding data education. Presently, I am better prepared for regular day to day existence and the various snippets of data that come to my direction. In this advanced age, fake or wrong information is all over the place. We should be reproachful of what we hear, read, and spread both on the web and disconnected. We should make the additional move to assess the legitimacy of the sources and check the honesty of the data. At the point when we do as such, we ensure that what we know is exact and, simultaneously, we help decrease the spread of fake or wrong information.

  21. From this online course, I take away how and why we can and must be information literate, and with my new knowledge, I will be able to better analyze and help others who have more room to grow in terms of information literacy. Now, I am better equipped for everyday life and the numerous pieces of information that come my way.

  22. In this digital age, false information is everywhere. We must be critical of what we hear, read and spread both online and offline. We should take the extra step to evaluate the validity of the sources and verify the truthfulness of the information. When we do so, we make sure that what we know is accurate and, at the same time, we help reduce the spread of false information.

  23. Fake news or false information is really a huge problem not just here in the Philippines but also all over the world. i am glad that i got the chance to be able to know more and understand fake news by applying for this course. Now, i’ll be able to distinguish more what are the reliable ones to the ones that isn’t.

  24. Fake News is really problematic because its easy to spread. And some of people make their decisions based on what they read or hear. So if the information is just invented and false, people won’t make a good decisions. This free online course is very helpful to distinguish which is a false information. And how to do a right citations, this will be helpful specially for my thesis in graduate school. Thank you for this sir 🙂

  25. Like what Peter Parker Principle say “Greats power, comes with great responsibility”. To become information literate, it will takes a lot of time and effort especially that a lot of information is circulating thru the internet. If you are not equipped and do not know how to spot misleading information, you cannot distinguish whether what you are reading is true or not. One thing I learned here is you have to be an advocate also of credible information. We should stop sharing information without thinking critically and fact checking to avoid sharing misleading or false information that may cause to harm anyone intentionally or not. Another thing I learned was, the proper citation and giving credit to where it is due. We should give back the credit to the author the same way we want to be credited for our work.

    This course is very timely and useful. Thank you very much sir for imparting your knowledge to us. I am looking forward for more online course. 🎉🎉🎉

  26. Buenas Dias! Greetings from Zamboanga City!

    We are provided with different sources of information. We have these technologies at our own disposal anytime and anywhere we want. It is essential for us to be able to screen out information so that we can use these properly and ethically. As one famous Marvel character once said “With great power comes great responsibility”.

    Now, if we want to extend this concept to our learners, then it should be discussed and tackled in the classroom so that learners will be trained to critically think and sort out information.

    All the best!

  27. With the advent of technology, dissecting facts from information that circulates online is not that easy, but engaging in different fact-checking activities/courses like this enhances one skills to easily distinguished if the information that they’ve encountered everyday is factual and credible enough to be share to the public.

    Initiatives like this from LCC is really a great enlightenment especially to me as a youth and as a future educator. In this times where false information is rampant, the society needs people that will debunked false claims and will spread credible, accurate and timely information, and that should be us.

    Thank you LCC and Sir Francisco. God bless.

  28. As a Media and Information Literacy instructor, undergoing this course, I will do everything to the best of my abilities to share this knowledge and skills to my students as well as applying it to my own lifestyle as well. We must not be shy or afraid to call out people who spread mis-, dis-, and/or mal-information.
    We must also be critical ourselves as we consume information and news in our daily living

  29. Today, where most of our time was consumed surfing the internet being an information literate is very important. We need to guard our selves from getting and sharing wrong information. By doing so, we are not only protecting our selves but also the people aroud us. Thank you for the opportunity to take this course, it help me to become more information literate.

  30. In evaluating information, always ask who is the source of the information and verify if the information is valid, reliable, and accurate.
    We can also use the CRAAP- Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose in evaluating the source of information.
    Thank you for this informative online course.

  31. I learned a lot in this online course. Being an educator we can influence other by simply posting comments, news, articles etc. So, we need to be careful of posting something. Be the model of fighting fake news by thinking critically. We should always remember the word “think before you click”.

  32. As an information literate, I would like to promote the advocacy of preventing the spread of fake news not only in the social media but also in the real world. I could use what I learn here in promoting the adherence of my students in the true information.

  33. This course is truly informative and addresses the needed knowledge in mitigating the spread of fake news. It is very helpful to me in processing informations from social media that I could detect what is true and what is false. Now I can also help others in determining fake news from what I learn. Thank you!

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    It’s really an opportunity to have joined this online course. I admit that I had shared (out of excitement) unverified posts in the past, glad that one of my friend told me that the article was not true. Since I already learned how to identify “fake news” as well as to use tools for fighting it, I can now avoid drastic sharing of doubtful articles or posts. At the same time, I can also share this learning to some friends who are fond of sharing and believing in any news or article.
    Thank you, sir.

  35. As a College Student, this Free Course Fighting Fake News: is very helpful to me to understand Information Literate and more. Identifying Information Needs having a personal need that requires certain information before you can make a decision. High quality, Trusty Worthy, Believable thank you. Now I realize very important to have a knowledge about ”Fake News”

  36. At first I was scared in this online curse, because I know myself that I do not understand all English, but when I watch it, it is taglish, so I can easily understand it especially the way to explain each topic / lessons. and because of this, it helped me a lot. I learned a lot about fake news and how it can be overcome by not being able to offend others, especially posting on social media
    Thank you for free online curse 😊

  37. Taking this online course has been a great help. Fake info lurk everywhere now, esp. on social media. Sometimes, you’d almost be convinced about something because even those people of credibility whom you know would share pieces of information that turn out to be false. Every time I see some intriguing post online now, I research first before sharing. It’s somehow satisfying.

  38. Admin bar avatar

    Actually, from all the courses that I have enrolled in these past few months, this course is my favorite because it is very timely and interesting. I like the way you conduct your lessons. I learned a lot and will surely treasure all your lectures. Especially as an educator, we must be careful enough about all the information that we are imparting to our students. So we must be information literate always.

  39. Information is knowledge about a particular subject, issue, event or process. Information can be obtained from various sources: you can be told information, for example through a lecture or a television programme.

    We can find information everywhere, what we only need is to find out the reliabilty and accuracy of every piece of it. “Think before we click”, be responsible in what we share. Verify first and be a keen observer of every information.

    Thank you LCC and to you sir for this opportunity to learn this from this course. Rest assured I will apply every lessons I learned from this course. More Power!

  40. As an educator, it is very much necessary to teach my students to be literate in information and media. Nowadays, if you are not equipped and do not know how to spot misleading information, you cannot distinguish whether what you are reading is true or not. That is why in my subject, I am trying to do greater efforts to inculcate to my students the fundamentals of research. In that way, they will be able to scrutinize the information before taking it as one of the resources for their knowledge. After all, everyone should be mindful and have careful examination to whatever information we are reading.

  41. As a media scholar, I am ought to be responsible for every news that I share and be a reliable source of information. It is right that it is our obligation to check whether the information that we share is accurate and credible. If we don’t want to be misinformed by others, I believe it’s best to act now and be an advocate in disseminating reliable information as it really mitigates those ‘fake news.’ ACT NOW AS WE STAND AGAINST ‘FAKE NEWS.’

  42. Good day! Digital era (today) is really convenient yet scary at the same time. Vast of information were being published everyday through different social media platforms and websites, and to spot what are the fake news and how to stop it must be learn by everyone. To be honest, before I enrolled in this lecture, I have a basic idea what are bots, what is fake news, the citations, but not really the deeper functions of those. However, after reaching this activity, the lecturer supplied information that I lacks the most. Thank you for this lecture for fueling my determination to fight against FAKE NEWS.

  43. With a vast of information available, “fake news” or false information is inevitable. With this course, I believe that librarian has a vital role in fighting fake news. 1. because most of the research information will be coming from us through the reference resources that we have. So, we need to be very careful in giving out references. 2. We have to develop a character of being skeptic so that every information that we give was carefully and thoroughly searched. And the most important is that we should not share especially on social media messages or postings that are not yet verified so that we can not be a channel of misinformation.

  44. Admin bar avatar

    As a professional teacher, it is my responsibility to be an advocate and a role model to everyone to be a Media and Information Literate. I am very thankful to LCC and Mr. Magpantay for this free course, very informative and helpful to keep everyone on the look out, to be mindful as well as to be critical thinkers. I will definitely share your course to all my colleagues and students to help make a community of well-informed, media and information literate. END FAKE NEWS, BE MIL.

  45. Information is power. Disinformation is abuse of power.
    – Newton Lee

    Critical thinking is must have! Not all information is reliable so we must be skeptic in all news/information we might hear and see. Thank you for this informative course 💕

  46. As an educator, I will be sharing also the things that I’ve learned from this online course for them to become aware of the timely issue, which is the “fake news”, as well as for them to use this as their tool in making sure that whatever idea they will be sharing to their students in the future is not a “fake news”.

  47. Each topic in this module enlightens me so much. We need to evaluate if the information has a purpose before we share it. We can also educate our students about the proper way of usi g the social media that show respect to others and letting them know that sharing false information may ruin others lives.

  48. Good day, Sir!

    My key takeaway above all the lessons we have learned was your statement that YOU are the most effective tool to mitigate ‘fake news’. Most of the time we depend on the evaluation tools or guidelines like CRAAP test, but at the end of the day, you, YOURSELF holds the key to fight ‘fake news’ since we all have a choice if we will check the information handed to us or not. 🙂

    Thank You, Sir. 🙂

  49. Taking this course is an opportunity for me as an educator to become knowledgeable on how to be responsible in sharing news especailly using the internet. Now that social media became one of the tools in communication we must be aware on the validity and reliability of the content before sharing it. Thank you for this online learning! Kudos to our speaker and to the institution for coming up with this up to date topic.

  50. Taking this course can really change the way people think about “fake news”. The thing here is, not everyone is information literate, but being able to hone your knowledge with the life-long learning skills, it does make a difference. I wanted to educate my students with this timely issue called “fake news”, but I didn’t know where to start. And this online course opened up my eyes to step up and be an advocate for others not only to the young ones, but also to adults to be responsible enough to spot and stop the spread of false information, most specifically in social media. Thank you very much!

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    Armed with the knowledge that I learned from this course, I will fully commit myself to upholding only the truth in everything that I post online. I will be careful in sharing information. I will only click after verifying. I will also be wary of everything that I read, see or watch. I also hope to be an instrument in the spread of truth, whether it be personally or digitally.

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    Let me start by saying thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in this free online course on Fighting Fake News. It has not only enriched my knowledge on the topic, it has also given me a glimpse on how online learning is done. I’ve always entertained the idea of going back to school but I do not want to invest time and effort traversing the horrendous traffic in Metro Manila only to attend my classes stressed and late. I also do not know if I have the patience or the ability to learn online. After completing this course, I now have the confidence to follow my dream 🙂

    Regarding the course itself, can I just commend Mr. Magpantay for doing a great job at spearheading and managing this endeavor? The website itself is clean, straightforward and easy to navigate. The videos were short but the information given were substantial. His delivery of the lessons was crystal clear, his demeanor engaging yet professional. Switching from English to Filipino is also a good way to stress some points. According to my daughter who is also taking the course, “The Fighting Fake News course is one of the best online courses I’ve taken. The lessons are very clear.” This coming from someone who is presently taking several courses online, some free and some paid. When I asked her why she thinks this is so, she said that Mr. Magpantay’s presentation skills had a lot to do with the course’s success. I agree with her 100%.

    As someone who is not a digital native like my Gen Z daughter, fake news was something that we indulged in only as gossiping girls in an exclusive high school or between neighbors. Journalistic integrity was a paramount value in the search and dissemination of information. Now fake news is a new normal for GenXer me. And though I pride myself for my ability to think critically, I still fall prey to fake news. Thanks to this course, I now have the tools to spot it and combat this disease plaguing our society.

    I just want to point out, though, an experience while I was taking the test. To get to the next item on the test, I had to press the NEXT button. Maybe it was just my DSL being slow, but its response was kinda slow. So I discovered that I can just press the numbers and I will be taken to the next item. I was surprised to have gotten a 40% failing mark. When I reviewed the test, I was told that I skipped some items. I did not press SKIP so I am perplexed as to why this happened. I retook the test and I pressed the NEXT button while giving the same answers and I got a passing 90% mark. May I suggest that the test be scrolling instead? Maybe this will be easier and faster especially if the test is timed. Apart from this, I have no negative comments.

    Thank you once more. I hope that you continue creating more relevant online courses. Keep them simple but meaty and if possible affordable so many can avail of them.

    Kudos to you Mr. Magpantay. More power to you and your team. God bless you!

  53. Globalization truly changes our perception towwards ourselves, our community and the information we disseminate and utilize. As a citizen and teacher, it is our oath to be bearers of information and knowledge to be use for developing oneself and the society. It is our imperative to scrutinize the information we have for knowledge and wisdom processing. Without any scrutiny or critical thinking values, we may end up promoting fake news that can endanger the ability to reason of our community.

    I am truly grateful to LCC and to sir Francisco F. Magpantay Jr. for developing this platform, sharing his expertise and giving tips for spotting fake news. The course is very helpful for me as a teacher, to be grounded on such activity, and to my students.

  54. I learned a lot in this online courses. The topic was so relevant to all especially to those people that using social media and I am the one of them. As a teacher i realized that I need to think more, be skeptic to all the information that I read especially in social media like Facebook, the most social media site.
    I will share this learning to my students because most of them don’t know how to analyze if an information is true or not.
    Thank you for this opportunity! It is true, It’s start to ourselves. Click before you click! Thank you and God bless!

  55. You need to verify first for the credible sources to avoid the fake news. We should aware that many sources are not credible enough so that they spread the fake news. We should have a media literacy on the social media to avoid it.

  56. Social media is one of the main ways that fake news is spread online. It’s easy to share news without taking time to evaluate it. Social media users, also have a big role to play by learning to verify information that we read. Personal responsibility can be the first step to protecting the fabric of our societies.

    As a parent, it’s my job and responsibility to make sure that the information I share to my children is real; to hone their thinking skills about fake news so they can analyze information effectively and come to their own conclusions what is the true and false information.

    Thank you LCC for giving me the opportunity to be on this course. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and have gained much knowledge about false information. More power and Godbless!

  57. This course provided me additional information and knowledge about “Information literacy” which I can incorporate with the current lectures I have that I am sharing with my students. As a Media and Information Literacy teacher, I will do my best to produce students or graduates that are critical thinkers, students that are not just media literate but also information literate. I will do this by being role model to my students. I will be very extra careful about the information I am sharing with my students through verbal or online by doing the process of triangulation in every piece of information that I will be encountering.

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    As an individual we are prone to believe in fake news or false information because we are able to trust and doubt. But we need also to be wise in selecting the right information to hear,learn before sharing it to the others. Informartion is also powerful we must not use this to harm others. In this course I am really grateful because I learned so much about false information and other things related to it. How to know your source is credible and the likes.
    And for my job, teaching, I also use gathering information to master my lesson. Knowing all this I have to be careful on information that I transfer to my students and your course made me feel at ease. It’s like “Oh, I know what I have to do”. Especially fighting fake news. There are so many false information in internet or media and sometimes my students asks me about what they see, read and hear in these e-sources, it’s my role to clarify it to them the false information they acquired.
    That’s why thank you for this course it’s very helpful and informative especially today.

  59. Today, we’ve been flooding news that we even no what are really genuine, a very timely topics. I’m fortunate to catch up with this online course that benefits me a lot and enlightened to critically spot fake news that can really affect life perspective in the long run. And as an educator we must be a vehicle of credible information and a proponent of truth to learners.
    Thank you Sir Francis for a very clear explanation, concise collection of knowledge, and a lively instruction. God bless!

  60. Being a fresh graduate and soon to be professional, spotting and fighting for ‘Fake News’ is a new learning and it matters to me right now. Having an online education like this is very helpful for those who doesn’t have knowledge (not aware) and for those people do nothing but to spread fake news. Truly, this course enlighten me on how what to do first, think before you click. I am very thankful and grateful for LCC and sir Magpantay and all the participating staffs for having this kind of online education. I hope that many more students will be informed about this online course. Kudos! I will truly commit myself to Fight ‘Fake News’ in every aspects of my life.

  61. I’m now very careful in sharing any information on social media, especially those news that i don’t recognize the source. Also the course have helped me gain knowledge about fake news, and to determine fake news form real news.

    1. Thank you LCC and sir Magpantay. I may now know on how to fight fake news. It’s really demand up to know coz we are on the digital world. Knowing the truth is very important nowadays.

  62. Nowadays, We should always be careful in every post that we are posting on our social media. Every comments, shared post or even info that you have on your timeline will reflect to you as a person. This topic that you had discussed is very timely. Its helps people to be aware that every post we are posting or spreading has an obligation. Think before you click and be a critical thinker are the best weapon of a person should have this time that we are in Computer age. I’m so grateful that I watched it 🙂 More power to you and all of your team. I’m looking forward to learn more! 🙂

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    Since the day that I took this course, I am now more careful in sharing information, news, etc. Sa dami ng natutunan ko dito, nabawasan na ang pagiging mapaniwalain ko sa mga issues ng mundo, lalo na sa panahon ngayon ng pandemic COVID19 sobrang daming naglalabasang disinformation (fake news). Anyways, thank you very much for this very interesting and informative course.

  64. Admin bar avatar

    My biggest takeaway was understanding “fake news” or false information. Aside from that, I could now share more concepts to my students on how to be information literate.

    As for my commitment to self, I am going to be an advocate in fighting “fake news”. I’ll try to call out those people discreetly most especially my Facebook friends who are spreading false information in social media.

  65. Admin bar avatar

    In order to fight fake news one must think critically and be patient in checking the sources where it came from. We must be vigilant and don’t just believe to stories or news posted in a social media.

  66. in order to fight fake news, one has to be critical and analytical in approach on any kind if information platform.

    i will involve myself and those around me to review and revisit one’s own values and to not let emotions rule with respect to what data is given or in front of them.

    that one must base all assumptions and relative conclusion pn facts and facts alone.

  67. The best way to defeat fake news is to educate people on how to spot them. We or I might report post which are not real, but then again thr web is vast containing unreal stories and misleading articles, but then Impartimg the knowledge is one of the best way we could equipped the people around us.

  68. Admin bar avatar

    Good day to all.
    I am blessed to take this course because of the bulk information enclosed with it. It is also a mind enlightening due to the fact that I thought I knew already the information and ideas to spot fake news but I realized mine was just in a theoretical side. Here, there are more factual information or data that linked to knowing what is a fake news and it is precised (in my opinion).
    Thank you so much for giving us a fruitful of information for us to be more knowledgeable in this matter.

  69. Before taking this course, i was been a victim of fake news and sometimes one of those people sharing fake news without knowing that it is fake. After taking this course i already knew that i can commit crime by just being a part of sharing those fake news and helping those people purposely want to harm people by give giving false statement or opinions. From knowing types and categories of false information, impacts of fake news, information literacy, even types of literacy, information needs, sources of information, locating research materials, critical thinking, evaluating sources of information, all about plagiarism, citation(books, articles, electronics, spot fake news, to tools to fight fake news, all of this lesson contribute as one to help and to guide us learner to be equipped, identify/spot, fight and stop spreading FAKE NEWS and stop those persons who keeping sending such fake news with intentions of hurting or harming someone, being a part of those people who promote fighting fake news and one of those who will not just send info to others but as well as to evaluate first the info before addressing it can share and give apart to fight those making fake news and fake news as well. Im gratefull to have this opportunity to take a free course that is equipped, knowledgable, with high standard and quality that gives accurate, valid and credible information ti the students, even sir Francisco Magpantay follow right way of teaching and delivering a topic in a well and mannered form. Even exams are justifyable enough where areas it does not only assess knowledge but also, comprehension, analogy and evaluation as well. For all who became a part of giving, sharing and training learners of this course and website, thank you very much for your hardworking and support for giving a high standard education at are free for all. Godbless and lets all start to spot, identify, evaluate, assess, and stop author of Fake News and FAKE NEWS.

  70. I learned a lot from this online course. From being an information and media literate, and how to measure if a news is authentic or not. I also learned the difference between misinformation, malinformation, and disinformation. Thank you, Sir for this very timely free online course.

  71. As a student, this course helps me a lot. I’ve learned and understand False Information and what will be the impact of it, how to identify and evaluate right info, and be an information literate. The topics are very timely and informative. Thank you for this free online course, Sir!

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  79. As a teacher, this helps me to be more careful, skeptic and critical about the things I see,read, and hear especially sa mga social platforms.
    Thank you Sir and LCC sa ganitong pagkakataon na binigay ninyo sa amin,
    God Bless

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    Thank you, God bless and more power to LCC.

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    I am a MIL teacher in Senior High before. Indeed that as a teacher, we should also classify if the news is authentic or not. We need to read more than two articles for us to know the real information on that certain news. We need to cure the ignorance, but make sure that the knowledge that we impart to them are real, not fake.

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