Fighting Fake News: How to be Information Literate?

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Francisco Jr Magpantay
Information Literacy
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287 students


This course will teach the skills needed to mitigate the proliferation of ‘fake news’. It will cover competencies in information literacy emphasis on identifying, finding, and using the information found in the web and in other source types leading to developing an individual’s critical thinking skills in the evaluation of different resources and practices in the ethical and legal use of information.


Upon completion of the course, students must be able to:

CLO 1. Identify issues and terms related to ‘fake news’ and information literacy;

CLO 2. Differentiate sources of information;

CLO 3. Develop strategies to access information in multiple types of sources;

CLO 4. Evaluate sources for credibility and biases;

CLO 5. Adhere to ethical and legal policies in the use of information;

CLO 6. Develop an understanding of how to distinguish and mitigate the proliferation of ‘fake news’.


Consists of video lectures that are organized into topical chapters. Each video is approximately 10-18 minutes in length and comes with a transcript and slides in a separate file that you can use to aid in learning. The course is completely self-paced. Watch lessons on your own schedule – whenever and wherever you want. But remember to take the modules or quizzes in its correct chronological order. At the end of each chapter, you will complete a chapter quiz to see if you’re ready to move on or have some material to review. A final assessment will be the last module in this course, which covers all the lessons discussed. You can retake this entire course for five (5) times.


The passing grade in this course is 80% for the completed modules and completed assessments. If you passed and finished this online course, you will be directed to your course certificate. Take note that once registered and logged in, make sure that you first update your full name on your My Profile under settings > general since this will be the data that will appear on your certificate of completion. You can also add an avatar (profile picture) and biographical information to personalize your account.  

Your Course Certificate is available for future retrieval on your My Profile under certificates. 


Course Materials

  1. Video Lectures – Required
  2. Lesson Transcript – Recommended, not required
  3. Lesson Slides – Recommended, not required
  4. Recommended Readings – Supplementary materials, not required

Course Assessment

  1. Activity (Discussion) – Required, not graded but it will enable interaction with the instructor and other course takers.
  2. Graded Quiz (10 items) – Required, 80% on each quiz, can be taken ten (10) times with zero deduction on blank answers.
  3. Final Assessment (15 items) – Required, 80%, can be taken fifteen (15) times with zero deduction on blank answers.


A User Guide is created to assist new or existing users to have a better experience in using the platform. Feel free to inform the course team of your concerns. You can send concerns at

Click this link for the guide – User Guide

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Francisco Jr Magpantay
One of the administrators and faculty members of La Concepcion College whose research interest includes information literacy, educational technology, blended learning, and organizational culture.

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  • Pia Cassandra Padilla

    Great course!

    Each lesson was simple and concise and is presented in layman's terms, so everything was really easy to understand. There are also slides that accompany every presentation, which were really helpful and great for note-taking! This course went above and beyond; best free course ever.
  • Arlene Joy Quicay


    It was a wonderful experienced! Thank you!
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    Jazel Ann Lugay

    Fighting Fake News

    I highly recommend this course to everyone who is uses social media. The lessons were well presented and easy to follow, simply discussed but substantial.
  • Evangelista . Evangelista

    Be an Advocate!

    Fight Fake News
  • .

    Fighting fake news

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